Bukunmi Oluwasina (source: Instagram)
Bukunmi Oluwasina

Wave making actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has said that there is limit to what she can tolerate in taking up some acting roles.

Concise news gathered that Oluwasina disclosed this in an interview, saying she cannot act nude or allow her body to be touched in a way that is not appealing for future sake.

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The young actress said, “I can never allow my body to be touched anyhow if I am going to play a romantic role. Some people call me a feminist because I take issues about women seriously.”

Stating that some actors might use the privilege of acting a romance scene to do some things they’ve always wanted to do, she said, “There are limits to what I can take in a romance scene because I know I’m going to get married someday and my children would watch me.”

Asked about her best role, the fast-rising actress said,  “it was when I acted like a blind girl; it was quite challenging because I wanted to give it my all. I had to relate with blind people to understand how they go about their daily activities.”

Oluwasina, who has never failed to interpret roles appropriately, spoke about her rise to stardom, saying acting was one of her childhood dreams.

“I always knew I would be an actress, the trait has always been in me. Growing up as a child, I used to sing, dance and write scripts. In 2013, I shot one of my scripts and that was my first movie ever. We shot it and it is one of the best things that have happened to me. That was my breakthrough into the movie industry,” she said.

She further narrated how fame has affected her, describing it as a delicate phenomenon that should be handled with wisdom.