NFVCB Introduces Strategy To Curb Piracy

Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, Executive Director, National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), on Thursday made a public presentation of the Film/Video authentication seal toward reducing piracy.

Thomas made the presentation at a conference organised by the NFVCB in collaboration with the Department of Theatre Arts and Music/Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, in Lagos.

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Theme of the conference was: “Film Distribution and Regulation in Emerging New Markets in Africa.’’

Thomas said the seal was produced to distinguish every film or video that was classified by the NFVCB from those ones not classified and approved.

According to him, the seal have several unique security features that cannot be forged or manipulated.

“While it will aid the NFVCB to differentiate between classified and unclassified films, it will also reduce the incident of piracy to a large extent.

“When a film is classified and approved, the owner or distributor will apply for the label after payment of approved fees.

“He or she would be issued authentication labels for the number of copies to be replicated as ascertained by the NFVCB.

“We, therefore, need you to buy-in on this laudable project which hopefully will clear the market of unclassified, unapproved and, of course, pirated films/video works.

“The NFVCB, among its other functions, is empowered to censor and classify all films and video works to be distributed and or exhibited in Nigeria, and licence all film and video distributors and exhibitors in Nigeria,” he said.

The executive director said that the conference was organised to bring both the practitioners and the regulator together to discuss salient issues that technology had brought to the fore in movie distribution.

Also, Prof. Olu Obafemi, a renowned Playwright and Poet, said one of the guarantees for financial success in filmmaking was producing high-quality films.

Obafemi said that this requires creativity, innovativeness and ample finance through clients, grants, private sponsors, investors, entertainment companies, product placement, among others.

“In order to ensure that the financial investments in the film production yield profits, the wide distribution network is essential.

“This will ensure that the film reaches a wide audience, the higher the viewership, the higher the profit.

“Money is essential in filmmaking; for a film to exist, there must be an initial financial commitment,” he said.