Police arrest septuagenarian after confessing to raping his 89-year-old neighbour

A 71-year-old man in Trang, Thailand, has been arrested after confessing to raping his 89-year-old neighbour, Concise News reports.

According to Daily News, Palian police arrived to find that the woman’s granddaughter, Naphawan, had already taken matters into her own hands and beaten up the alleged rapist, named Yap Chaiphak.

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She admitted to police that she had hit Yap repeatedly with a broom handle. Yap had to be taken to the hospital with fractured arm and ribs following the beating from the victim’s granddaughter. He says he intends to press charges against Naphawan claiming he was assaulted.

“I admit to losing my temper. Society is no longer safe. For a neighbour to do this to my grandmother is terrible”.

The 89-year-old woman, “Mia”, was raped on Monday night outside her house in the village of Ban Na.

According to Carers, the elderly woman is still constantly vomiting and won’t eat. She remains in the hospital recovering from her ordeal.

Sexual assault occurs commonly worldwide and is particularly pervasive in the developing world.

Data available suggests that in some countries, one in five women report sexual violence by an intimate partner and up to a third of girls report forced sexual initiation.

Sexual assault encompasses a range of acts, including coerced sex in marriage, rape by strangers, organized rape in war, sexual harassment (including demands of sex for jobs or school grades), rape of children, trafficking of women and girls, female genital mutilation, and forced exposure to pornography.

Africa is said to have the highest prevalence rate of child sexual abuse at around 34.4 per cent.

Findings from a National Survey carried out in 2014 on Violence Against Children in Nigeria confirmed one in four females reported experiencing sexual violence in childhood with approximately 70% reporting more than one incident of sexual violence.

In the same study, it was found that 24.8% of females’ ages 18 to 24 years experienced sexual abuse prior to age 18 of which 5.0% sought help, with only 3.5% receiving any services.