Why 'Greatest Ever' Messi Won't Win Anything With Argentina
Lionel Messi is regarded by some as the ‘Greatest Ever’ [Photo: YouTube]
Brazil captain Dani Alves has described Argentina star Lionel Messi as a brother after the Samba Boys smashed them 2-0 in the 2019 Copa America.


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The defeat, Wednesday, meant that Messi, a former teammate of Alves at Barcelona, has now featured in nine international tournaments without a laurel.

However, in a post on Instagram, Thursday, Alves noted that football is about winning as well as losing.

The Juventus man said, irrespective of the result on the field, and wherever he plays, Messi remained a big part of his football career.

“Football is often about winning, often about losing, however, will never cease to exist the affection, respect, admiration and connection with those who helped you put food in my house,”  he wrote, alongside a picture of himself and Messi.

“There will never be any more gratitude to those who helped you put your name in the history of football.

”The greatness of people is measured not only by what they represent in their countries or the feelings they arouse with their profession.”

He added that ”Often, it’s about what’s behind it all.

”Thank you for being part of my life and it is always a great honour to have you close to my brother again, even if we are separated by a shirt, we are connected by our essences! My respect!”

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Futebol muitas vezes é sobre ganhar, muitas vezes sobre perder, porém, nunca deixará de existir o carinho, o respeito, a admiração e a conexão com aqueles que te ajudaram a colocar de comer na minha casa, na casa dos meus…. nunca deixará de existir a gratidão com aqueles que te ajudaram a colocar o teu nome na história do futebol. A grandeza das pessoas não são medidas apenas pelo que elas representam em seus países ou os sentimentos que elas despertam com a sua profissão. Muitas vezes, é sobre o que há atrás de tudo isso. Obrigado por formar parte da minha vida e és siempre un grande honor volver a tenerte cerca hermano, aún que esteamos separados por una camiseta, estamos conectados por nuestras esencias! #mirespecto✊🏽

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