Lamboginny. Source: Instagram.

Prison care advocate and musician, Yinka Lawanson, better known as Lamboginny, has said that Naira Marley’s new song and dance, ‘Soapy’ “mocks the real struggles of prisoners.”

Concise news reports that Marley’s recently released ‘Soapy’ promotes masturbation which according to him was a source of succor for prisoners based on his experiences in prison.

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The dance, which mimics male masturbation, has since generated outrage on social media, with some describing it as a public display of immorality.

Marley was arrested in May by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where he spent 34 days, over his alleged involvement in internet fraud and other financial related crimes amounting to 11 charges.

Lamboginny, who is popular for advocating for improved prison care, criticised the dance, noting that it mocks the real struggles of prisoners bigger than sex.

“Today, I’m dressed as a prison inmate to attend the International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations,” he said

“I’m using the opportunity to speak up for the 49,875 prison inmates awaiting trials for years in prisons across Nigeria. #KirikiriDonFull 1st of July 2019 #prisonreform.

“The prison condition in Nigeria is a very sensitive and painful situation for thousands of inmates.

“If after visiting the prison all you have to talk about is Masturbation dance! I will consider it mockery on the thousands of inmates who are in pain.”

Award-winning dancers Kaffy and Don Flex had earlier condemned the dance.