Nigerian record dancer and choreographer, Kaffy has took her time to explained what dance is and how dance in Africa has been accepted with integrity.

According to the founder of Imagneto Dance Company, Kaffy, whose real name is Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, stated that there is a total different perception to dance and dancers in Africa now.

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“I thank God that so far so good in the past 19years i think i can beat my chest to say that I have been able to change a lot of things and perception concerning; first of all the sustainability of dance as seen as a career option.

“Also the look and feel of being a dancer in general, where parents are scared of security challenges like what is your plan for the future?. Who are you going to end up marrying? And what kind of children are you going to bred?

“Is there guarantee that you can sustain your home? Among others were the driving forces that propelled me to want to get it right and correct all these fear.”

“And every time I took a left turn, I make sure I discover the right one, which had led us here.”

she also shared the value of dancers. “I can go on with the value of dancers in the industry; which is the reason i am giving it this much sacrifice and believing this much because dance has helped me stay off the street and helped me maintain my sanity.

“And i am here to help you guys understand the power of dance; that before man could speak, he moved. He gesticulated, he actually had to use actions to express himself and that is how powerful dance is.

“Dance can be used to express love, it can be used to charged warriors for war, it can be use to communicate peace, it can be used to celebrate. I don’t see anything that dances is not embedded in.

“Even for our health and state of mind. I have never seen anybody that dance and does it with sadness. So for me, if dance is that powerful, that is how much i knew that i can do so much helping people through dance. As well as the health sector too” she said.

However, she said “Dance in Africa is now something that has been accepted with integrity,” said Kaffy.