Senator Abdulfatai Buhari

The Senator representing Oyo North in the National Assembly, Abdulfatai Buhari, has recommended capital punishment for kidnapping and other forms of violent crimes in order to tackle the growing insecurity in Nigeria.

Buhari told newsmen in Ibadan on Sunday that the spate of kidnappings and killings across the country would continue unabated if such a drastic measure was not taken.

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“These heinous crimes against humanity have gone beyond the normal Fulani herdsmen attacks and have become a real trade for those who engage in them,” he said.

“Let me be honest with you, the situation is nationwide and very worrisome. I believe and I am afraid because Nigerians themselves are yet to take a drastic measures.

“I believe by the time anyone caught in the act faces death penalty other people will learn and stop.

“Kidnappers have been arrested nothing has been done to them. I believe taking them to court is a longer process.”

He recalled how increasing rate of drug peddling was stemmed in the 80s through drastic measure, adding that lots of people abandoned the trade as soon as government made those caught in the act face firing squad.

The lawmaker said that the absence of such punitive measure gave those involved in the recent inhuman activities liberty to continue recruiting young people.

”Today, going to Saudi Arabia, Bangkok, Singapore or India with drugs or to commit other forms of crime attracts death penalty and such had to an extent stemmed the trend,” he added.

“Nigerians are very stubborn people; they won’t change except there is a deterrent. These people collect cash from victims and take it to banks but the banks have not been reporting receipt of strange money accounts.”

He called on Nigerians to collaborate with security agencies by providing them vital information on strange persons and movements around them.