Buhari Govt. Not Favoring Northern Nigeria, Arewa Youths Lament
President Muhammadu Buhari. (Image courtesy: Presidency)

Senator Rowland Owie has said that the northern part of Nigeria will produce the next president after Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Owie who is a former Chief Whip of the National Assembly also noted that the South East will produce the next president after that period.

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In a statement on Saturday, he noted that the South East has been cheated out of power for long and as such needs to lead the country.

“Any society without justice will never have peace,” he noted in the statement.

“I say it boldly, that in the interest of unity and fairness, the next President of Nigeria after the tenure of the North should come from the South East.”

According to him, “The South West and South South have taken their slots and on the whole, Southern Nigeria has held the presidential position for 13 years.

“The North would have taken 10 years, 120 days at the end of Buhari’s tenure in 2023.

“After 2023, the North has more three years, 240 days to hold the presidential slot before moving to the South East.”