Veteran entertainer Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charlyboy, has declared himself a prisoner for being a Nigerian.

Charlyboy, who made this known in an interview on his 69th birthday, said that “it has been quite a long time that we were born into this prison called Nigeria.”

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The Area Fada said this following his visited to the Ikoyi Prison, Lagos State, a place he described as hell.

The music producer, widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers alive, visited the prison on Wednesday with members of the Our Mumu Don Do group and Na We Be Government Movement as part of activities lined up for his birthday.

Charlyboy was there with Artiste Anehita Aletor, who shares the same birthday with him, as well as Augustine Omoifo who is the organizer of the prison tour.

”it’s been quite a long time that we were born into this prison called Nigeria, and the first thing that comes to mind on a day like this is to visit those in hell. If we are in prison, then you can only imagine where they are,” Daily Post quoted him as saying.

“This is the only way we can reach out, the only way we can save a life. Unfortunately, majority of us don’t even know we are in a dungeon. Unless we realize this, we will continue in this eternal anguish.

“But like I have always said, the survival of our country depends solely on the ability of our young men and women to break out of this prison by fire by force, whether them like’am or not. Enough of this nyamanyama.”