Man Attempts To Sleep With Friend's Wife
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A Nigerian man identified as Bayo has been exposed by the wife of his friend following his attempt to make love to her, Concise News reports.

According to the Whatsapp chat which was released by SDZ, the woman’s husband had travelled to an undisclosed destination.

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In the absence of his friend, Bayo decided to check on the woman who had told him she was fine as well as the children.

Bayo, however, made it known that he was less concerned about the children.

In the course of the conversation, it happened that Bayo had other things in mind as he asked how the woman has been coping since her husband traveled citing that “body no be firewood” (a popular slang that she must be horny).

Upon her request to know what he implied, Bayo requested to come keep her company over the night.

Following the warning that she would report to her husband if he would not desist, Bayo told her it was only a test of faithfulness, hence, crediting her for being a faithful wife and pleading with her not to tell her husband about the occurence.

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