Benue: Tiv Group Gives Akume Condition For Forgiveness Over “Unpatriotic” Comment
George Akume/Twitter

The President-General of Tiv sociocultural group in Benue State, Mdzough U Tiv, Chief Edward Ujege, on Saturday advised a  former governor of the state, George Akume, to ask Tiv people for forgiveness, Concise News reports.

When asked to comment on the call for peace by Akume, Tor Tiv, Prof James Ayatse, and ex-governor Gabriel  Suswam, at the burial of Simeon, son of the late Joseph Tarka, at Wannune, Tarka Local Government Area of the state on Friday, Ujege gave the advice according to Punch.

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Akume had incurred the wrath of his kinsmen when he was alleged to have said  Tiv, not Fulani herdsmen, were responsible for the killings in Benue state.

His kinsmen believed he was hobnobbing with people at the federal level to their detriment in his bid to return to the Senate for the fourth time.

Meanwhile, Governor Samuel Ortom welcomed Akume’s call.

Ujege says,  “I heard that Akume called for dialogue. Whichever way, we are all brothers, and we want peace.

“I was made to understand too that (Gabriel) Suswam called for peace. No matter who initiated the move, be it Akume, Tor Tiv or the governor, we thank them for their love for Benue people, the most important thing is that we want peace.”

When asked if Tiv people would forgive Akume for his “unpatriotic” comment, Ujege says, “If he is able to talk to his friends (President Muhammadu Buhari and northerners) that what they are doing is not correct.  What we want is the anti-open grazing law. But let him make a U-turn first.”