Nigerian singer Simi has said that Nigeria has bad image abroad because “we have underestimated the power and impact of a good image.”

The singer said, “We need to fix our country, fix our image, because the only reason the Nigerian passport is going through so much scrutiny is because of what they assume we’re all capable of. The more desperate we are to go there, the less likely they want us there and vice versa. We’re the problem, we’re also the solution.”

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According to her, “The problem is not the passport, it is us my brethren. Over 30-years ago, my mother went to London and got visa on arrival, the same green passport. We have got to start telling ourselves the truth. If we don’t fix up, how are we going to get better treatment?

“Previously, the privileged were quiet because they could somehow find a way, now, everybody is affected. I feel like if we let it go too bad, it will take even longer to repair. I’m tired. Even talk is too much. We need people with good hearts that really can be the change.”