Don Counsels Women On Conception Above 35-Years
Don Counsels Women On Conception Above 35-Years

A gynaecologist, Dr Theodore Yakubu, has advised women above age 35 with the intention of becoming mothers to seek medical advice before conception.

According to him, as a woman gets older, there is an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications and health problems faced by both mother and child.

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Yakubu noted that the complications occurred due to changes in the reproductive system and increased general health problem associated with age such as obesity and diabetes.

The expert also said that complications were imminent because the older body was less supple and flexible which increased the chance of giving birth to a baby with congenital abnormality such as down-syndrome, among others.

“Pregnancy in older women is associated with high risk of general health problems such as high blood pressure and miscarriage especially in women above 35 years.

“There is also the risk of having twins which itself is associated with elevated risk of complications.

“Old age pregnancy is associated with risk of complications during delivery, such as prolonged labour as well as stillbirth and placenta problems,’’ he said.

The gynaecologist, however, admonished older women planning conception to be fully informed, maintain a healthy weight as well eat a healthy diet in order to curb complications associated with it.