Simi Laments Over Nigeria's Educational System
Simisola Ogunleye-Kosoko (Image credit: Instagram)

Popular Nigerian singer Simi has express pains over the current educational system of the country, saying it is faulty.

She said this through a Twitter post while responding to the question of popular social media activist, Segalink, who asked about failure being seen as a culture in Nigeria.

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“In your country, the youth have been idiot-shamed simply because they were deemed to have failed certain examinations.

Isn’t examination a test of the competence of the teacher than that of the student in sane climes? Especially in a country where failure is a culture.”

In her opinion, the singer questioned the current educational system.

Simi said people were raised with different strengths but were made to believe only certain talents or career paths can bring success.

She wrote, “I feel like the current method of education is faulty. Ppl have different strengths – but we were raised to believe only certain talents or career paths can bring you success. So we see a lot of potential and ideas dying cos they were born to the right ppl in the wrong climate.

“So the problem is not just the incompetence of the teachers – it’s sometimes the misplacement of priorities. The inadequacy of the educational system to cater to the diversity of the human mind.”