NGO Warn Against The Use Of Hard Drugs By Expectant Mothers
NGO Warn Against The Use Of Hard Drugs By Expectant Mothers

The president of Vanguard Against Drug Abuse (VGADA), Dr. Hope Abraham has stated that the intake of hard drugs and alcohol by expectant mothers increases the risk of birth defect.

Abraham disclosed that hard drugs such as cocaine and alcohol are sedative substances considered to be very strong and likely to pose risks to fetuses and nursing infants, as well as affecting the physiological development of the child.

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He added that expectant mothers who indulge in drugs were often prone to miscarriages and most often time deliver babies with low birth weight, due to drug effect and poor self-care.

“It can damage the development of the unborn baby in the pregnant women and interferes with the ability of the body to absorb calcium and as a result the bones become weak and thin,” he said.

“Mothers who take drugs during pregnancy could also give birth to children with foetal alcohol syndrome. Other drugs such as crack and heroin causes placental barrier, resulting in addicted babies going through withdrawal soon after birth.

“The expectant mother can develop liver problem, respiratory impairment and memory difficulties while the baby could be born drunk, with defects or die of complications.’’

He added that the child could also be born with a defective brain which may not be dictated by X-ray and could cause soft damage to the brain.