Emirate Crisis: Group Supports New Kano Emirates
Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II

The Committee for the Restoration of Gaya, Rano and Karaye emirates on Monday declared its eagerness to counter any attempt to invalidate the newly created emirate councils in Kano State.

Concise News understands that the committee’s spokesman, Haruna Dederi, disclosed that the creation of the Emirates was the re-enactment of history and the restoration of what they were denied years ago.

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Dederi, who is representing Karaye/Rogo Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, joined by members of the committee, including its Chairman, Jazuli Gaya, claimed that the committee had been calling for the creation of the new Emirates for the past 10 years.

Dederi said, “The agitation for the restoration of Gaya, Karaye and Rano emirates was originally started by a committee of concerned indigenes of these emirates about 10 years ago.

”For logistic and operational reasons, the efforts by that committee slowed down. For about two years now, in its revival efforts, this committee under the patriotic and able leadership of Alhaji Jazuli Muhammad Gaya re-ignited the agitation.

“The restoration of the three emirates is by no means meant to despise Kano Emirate or any personality as perceived by some narrow-minded elements. Our bond of brotherhood will continue to exist between the people of these emirates and Kano Emirate.”