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Ace Nigerian comedian Alibaba has revealed that a man who defended the activities of internet fraudsters called “Yahoo Boys” lost his life savings recently, Concise News reports.

This online news medium understands that Alibaba has been one of the staunch critics of “Yahoo Boys” whom he said cause pains to others with their acts.

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His stance attracted condemnation from some persons, with the comedian later revealing that one of those who attacked him was duped by fraudsters.

He took to his Instagram page to write:

“It’s been a busy day for me, so I had not had time to check my WhatsApp messages. Later, As I went through the over 230 messages, I saw one about a guy who had had his account cleaned out.

“And he is soooooooo raving mad that he has to wait till Thursday to go notify his bank officially. Over 1.2m wiped out. He sent mails.

But that’s not why the person sent me the messages. It was to bring to my notice, that Karma is a female dog.

“The person who sent the WhatsApp messages had also sent some munched comments, on a post, that the victim of the scam had posted, just last month. The victim saw my post about the yahoo yahoo boys and how they were driving people to their graves because of their criminal activities, took offence and defended the boys.

“One of his comments, said I should go and talk to government and leave the yahoo boys alone. He was on another blog, calling me names. Then he came to my instagram page and went ballistic.

“Fast forward to today. I didn’t even know many ATMs were down yesterday. I had instructed some transfers to be done and was upset they were not done.

“Transfers were not going. But as God no dey sleep, while transfer from other accounts were not going, this person who abused me and called me names, for saying, taking money from people’s account was stealing, HIS OWN ACCOUNT RESPONDED TO ATM.

“You see, God said when there is a casting Down… When other ATM transfers failed, this person Who asked “Mr Ali Baba, ***********, is it your money? Go and face your ******* career”, his own was alive.

“So now, he is crying up and down. The sister in law, who sent me all his comments, said he is devastated. And has not eaten since he found out his account was flushed. I am not following him. More So, I have blocked him.

“But lass lass, him go dey ok. It’s not the end of the world. How much is 1.2m sef? Shebi they cleared one woman’s retirement payment? He is Still young.

“Let him not report. These things happen. There is no work. Because if there was work, no young man like him will be stealing from him.”