Former Arsenal Winger Antonio Reyes died in an Auto accident. Source: Google

A former Arsenal star Jose Antonio Reyes drove over 135 miles per hour when his car crashed before his death, according to Spanish police.

Concise News had reported that the former Sevilla man died on Saturday following the accident in Spain.

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He was buried on Monday in his Utrera hometown of Spain with several football personalities attending the funeral.

A statement by the Spanish police on Tuesday has revealed that speeding was the main cause of the accident that took the former Gunner.

“The speed limit in the area is 120kph. We can confirm it (the speed of the vehicle) was the main cause of the accident,” the police said.

“Our investigation remains open, we do not know if there are more causes of the accident. But right now we can confirm that the main (cause) was the speeding, it was more than 220kmph.”