NYSC: Tips To Guide Prospective Corps Members As Online Registration Continues
NYSC Members during Orientation course/venturesafrica.com

As the 2019 Batch “B” Prospective Corps Members register for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), to guide you, Concise News helps with tips as endorsed by the management of the noble scheme.

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Read carefully below:

1. NYSC Online Registration Portal address www.nysc.org.ng
2. Click on “Mobilization Batch B, 2019” then click on Fresh Registration link, if you are registering for the first time.
3. The Revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2019 Batch “A” and previous Batches but did not go to the Orientation Camp.
4. If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration or Submit, do not create a new account instead click on “Login Here” to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password.
5. Do not thumbprint by proxy.
6. Make sure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear.
7. Do not forget the Username and Password used during your Online Registration
8. Cross-check your records before submission to avoid wrong details.

Objectives of the scheme

The objectives of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme are clearly enumerated in Decree No.51 of 16th June 1993 as follows:

  • To inculcate discipline in Nigerian youths by instilling in them a tradition of industry at work, and of patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation they may find themselves.
  • To raise the moral tone of the Nigerian youths by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural improvement
  • To develop in the Nigerian youths the attitudes of mind, acquired through shared experience and suitable training. which will make them more amenable to mobilisation in the national interest
  • To enable Nigerian youths to acquire the spirit of self-reliance by encouraging them to develop skills for self-employment
  • To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy
  • To develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity and integration
  • To remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance and confirm at first hand the many similarities among Nigerians of all ethnic groups
  • To develop a sense of corporate existence and the common destiny of the people of Nigeria.
  • The equitable distribution of members of the service corps and the effective utilisation of their skills in the area of national needs
  • That as far as possible, youths are assigned to jobs in States other than their States of origin
  • That such group of youths assigned to work together is as representative of Nigeria as far as possible
  • That the Nigerian youths are exposed to the modes of living of the people in different parts of Nigeria
  • That the Nigerian youths are encouraged to eschew religious intolerance by accommodating religious differences
  • That members of the service corps are encouraged to seek at the end of their one-year national service, career employment all over Nigeria, thus promoting the free movement of labour
  • That employers are induced partly through their experience with members of the service corps to employ more readily and on a permanent basis, qualified Nigerians, irrespective of their States of origin. Unfortunately, most employers discard these young graduates, waiting for the next orientation programme to get a fresh set of graduates.