Ubi Franklin: Fourth Baby Mama Opens Debt Page
Ubi Franklin, Photo Credit: Instagram.

Music executive Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa, has taken to Instagram to drag him out again, disclosing that he is yet to pay back the loan he owes her.

Concise News understands she took the action after she learnt the music manager went on a vacation to prove that he was not broke while he still owes her money.

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According to the 4th baby mama, the Triple MG boss loaned N8Million in 2017 for business, child support and other things, when they first met in America, but he is yet to pay up the balance of N4 million, which he has been due since March 2019 as stated in an agreement they both had.

She wrote, “Just waiting for a judge to be assigned to the case which was filed on Monday after defaulting on the agreement. I will not only present detailed proof but phone records, bank statements, whatsapp messages, emails, and text messages to back up my claims.

“(You just can’t make this up) I heard Oga went on vacation with my 4 million to prove to people he is not broke instead of paying me so everyone can move on from this. When you live your life for the gram to impress people who don’t give a shit about you, you are setting yourself up for failure.

“I’m also hearing about the lies you telling on me i will treat that one when the time comes but right now this Mbaise woman needs her money”

A follower chastised her for falling for him despite his bad track record with women, she responded she is not in the country and that had no idea the horrible things said about his ex-wife and actress, Lilian Esoro.

Recall Sandra had earlier challenged Ubi Franklin to dispute her claims because she is ready to fight him fire for fire with concrete and hard proof.

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