Health Expert Speaks On How To Guard Against Infertility

Young women have been advised against tampering with their womb in order not to suffer infertility in future.

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A General Medical Practitioner Dr Adeolu Olusodo, who is the Founder of Atayese Health Network, a non-profit clinic at Mojoda-Adamo, Ikorodu, gave the advice on Sunday.

“The women folks do not know that they are more important than men when it comes to continuity of life; That is the role God has placed in their hands,” the doctor told NAN.

“How important they take the role will determine how fulfilled they will be in life and the moment they leave that role and run out to other priorities, there will be issues.

“So do not tamper with what makes you to be unique without prejudice to women who are going to fertility clinics.

“The younger girls must guard, keep, cherish their womb and avoid the use of contraceptives so as not to tamper with the natural process and cause the body to react.’’

But he called on young women to be reserved and avoid having multiple sex partners.