Fulani Radio: What Urhobo Told Federal Government
President Muhammadu Buhari. (Image courtesy: Presidency)

Prophet Udensi Godlove of Land of Oil Prophetic Ministry (AKA Hill of the Lord) has said the second term of President Muhammadu Buhari will favour Nigerians.

Concise News understands that the cleric also predicted the Otedola Bridge tanker explosion where nine persons were roasted to death and more than 54 vehicles burnt to ashes along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

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He, also, predicted that Buhari will win the 2019 elections, saying that “power will only change hand if the president decides to withdraw his candidacy from the race; apart from that I don’t see any power changing hand.”

Speaking on Friday in Lagos, he said the new government will be good for the country.

“By the special Grace of God, we thank God almighty who is not a liar. At first when I prophesied that Buhari was going to win in the month of May 2018 when I visited Abuja, a lot of people castigated me even fathers faith attacked me that it was not going to happen that they were going to change the change,” the away.

“I told them that God is not a respecter of person, that Buhari was going to win and some of them were forced to even withdraw their invitation after fixing programmes with me.

“Like I said, God is not a respecter of person and God does not lie. Once have I heard but twice have it been spoken that all power belongs to God. And by the grace of God, Buhari is the president of Nigeria for another four years.”

He told Daily Post that everyone should “support this new administration tagged Next Level. It is going to be a positive next level because God had shown me.

“It is going to be very bright for Nigerians. Let us keep faith in God and support this administration and everything would turn out to be good. God bless you.”