How Arsenal Could Still Make It To Champions League
How Arsenal Could Still Make It To Champions League

Arsenal could still make it to next season’s Champions League, despite losing the Europa League final to Chelsea on Wednesday, according to London Football.

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Winning Chelsea would have allowed the Gunners a straight walk into the prestigious competition next season having finished fifth in the league, but that wasn’t to be as the Blues ran out 4-1 winners.

But the Gunners will be hoping the UEFA throws out Manchester City out of the Champions League next season as their last chance.

Manchester City are currently subject to allegations of financial irregularities as the club are said to have agreed inflated sponsorship deals to allow the Abu Dhabi royal family to put extra money into the club.

City are subject to investigation by a regulatory committee over a series of leaks into their financial conduct.

According to the newspaper, sources from the football governing body revealed that the club could be banned from the Champions League if they are found to have broken the rules

But English clubs will retain their four competition places according to Champions League regulations.

According to article 4.08 of UEFA rules, “a club which is not admitted to the competition is replaced by the next best-placed club in the top domestic championship of the same association”.