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An Abuja-based Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Ogwu James Onoja, has bemoaned the level of insecurity in Nigeria – Kogi state especially – Concise News reports.

Speaking after a Thanksgiving event in Abuja over the escape of his wife from an attack while on her way to Dekina in Kogi State recently, he said some governors have genuine intention to secure their states but that the Nigeria Police lacks the equipment to currently guard the country.

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He stressed that governors would not manipulate the State Police if the judiciary was strengthened enough to handle the abuse of powers by governors.

Describing his wife’s escape from the gunmen attack as a miracle, he said the bullet-riddled SUV was condemned.

“I am doing Thanksgiving because I nearly lost my wife. My wife was brutally attacked.

“On 25th April 2019, she was ambushed by three sets of gunmen on her way to Dekina in Kogi State who shot more than 30 bullets inside the car. I thank God, I didn’t lose her, I didn’t lose Police orderly with her and the driver.

“I am celebrating because if you see the car, you know that it was a miracle that nobody died. You will not believe how people survived,” Chief Onoja says according to Daily Post.

While condemning the insecurity in Kogi State, he revealed that all complaints he made to Kogi State Commissioner of Police and the Inspector General of Police fell on deaf ears.

“I want to use this opportunity to condemn insecurity in the country especially in Kogi State. I made a report to Kogi State Commissioner of Police, nothing happened; I made a report to the Inspector General of Police, nothing equally happened.

“Over a month that this thing happened, my wife’s statement has not been taken.

“God is the only one securing this country because if it can happen to me, at this level, then the common people in the society have no hope.

“The common people in the country need to protect themselves. Police are not well equipped to protect the citizens. Police are not well motivated to protect citizens, but where are, they can burst crimes wonderfully.

“They don’t have a helicopter to monitor crimes. People should be ready to protect themselves and be each other’s brother’s keeper,” Onoja revealed.

Furthermore, the legal luminary observed that wealthy citizens have taken over the use of trains which was originally meant for ordinary people, saying that the development would leave road users unprotected.

He urged the Federal Government not to retrieve guns from law-abiding citizens, arguing that doing so would further make them vulnerable to attacks.

“Moreso, the issue of recovering gun from law-abiding citizens would be unfortunate because it would leave those not committing crimes unprotected,” he said.