Buahri Reveals What Will Happen To People Calling 'Baba Go Slow'
President Muhammadu Buhari. (Image courtesy: Presidency)

President Muhammadu Buhari has said those who regard him as “baba go slow” will “see whether I am slow or fast” in his second term.

Making reference to his mockers during his first term, Buhari said he would ensure police and judicial reform in his next four years in office.

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Buhari said this during a media chat which was aired on the Nigerian Television Authority.

Asked if he would be more ruthless in his second term, the president said, “Those who call me ‘baba go slow’ will see whether I am slow or fast.”

He further said, “It means I will persuade the police and the judiciary to be hard and where I uncover that they are not hard, I will find out who is responsible for the slowness in terms of command from the DPO upwards.

“The IG cannot do it alone; he needs to depend on commissioners who in turn depend on DPOs.”