Jonathan Speaks About Repeating 2019 Elections
Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has called on the federal government to work towards modifying Nigeria’s laws to prevent the 2023 elections from being a repetition of 2019 elections.

The former president said this during a public lecture and presentation of a book which was dedicated to the River state governor, Nyemson Wike. It was titled “Excellence in Governance and Creativity: Legal Essays”.

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Referring to newly elected members of the national assembly, Jonathan said protests and rejection of vote results that arose after the polls were caused by lack of confidence in the electoral system.

According to him, African nations should establish minimum standards that their electoral management bodies should adopt to deepen the credibility of the process.

“Parliamentarians who have won elections to go the national assembly should take a look at what happened in the 2019 elections. We must modify our laws to make sure that in the 2023 elections, some of these things don’t repeat,” he said.

“If democracy must endure in Africa, then the process leading to elections and the conduct of elections must be done in a way that people will have confidence in the system.

“I believe that in Africa, for us to move forward we have no choice but to look forward to full electronic voting.

“This is debatable because a number of people are afraid that somebody hiding in his toilet can change the figures by pressing one or two buttons on a device, but we can’t run away from this.

“It is the ultimate and we must get there. But before we get there, we have to make sure that Nigeria and other countries must come out with a minimum and acceptable standards of constituting our electoral management bodies, in a way that will inspire the confidence of the people.

“As a nation we must move forward. Nigeria is a very important country in Africa and we must set the pace in some of these areas. We must not wait for other countries to come and teach us how we should elect our people.”