Another Popular Nigerian Pastor Acquires Private Jet, Reveals Why (Video)

Popular Nigerian preacher Prophet Joshua Iginla has acquired multi-billion naira private jet to celebrate his birthday, Concise News has reliably gathered.

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This online medium gathered that the founder of Champions Royal Assembly confirmed the news during the celebration of his birthday in his 80,000 seater auditorium in Abuja on Sunday.

Concise News sources revealed that Pastor Iginla also bought the private jet to enable him to propagate the gospel.

“Interestingly, at such a time like this and due to the numerous engagements of top clergymen we have in Nigeria, acquiring a private jet by them is not a luxury but borne out of necessity,” the source said.

“Arguably, Nigerian prophets are among the most sought out globally.

“Most times, they are needed in two or three countries in different continents in a day. Hence, there is need to create a very easy means of transportation for them, coupled with the fact that our transportation industry is still way behind compared to other developed countries and that is why we see men of God purchasing private jets, not to show off but to make movement easy for them for evangelical and missionary purposes.

“Of a truth, for Iginla, owning a private jet is long overdue due to his global itinerary and charity cause across the world.”

Watch the video below…