Cyril Ramaphosa Sworn In As South Africa's President
Cyril Ramaphosa takes the oath of office as the President of the Republic of South Africa/EWN

Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn into office Saturday as South Africa‘s president before leaders of the world and about 30,000 spectators in Pretoria, the nation’s capital, Concise News reports.

“I am humbled by the trust you have bestowed upon me,” Ramaphosa says, “and I am also aware of the challenges our country faces, but I’m also alive to the fact that our people are filled with hope for a better tomorrow.”

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Ramaphosa took over the presidency last year after his predecessor Jacob Zuma was forced to step down amid numerous corruption scandals, including using about $20 million in public funds for improvements at his private estate.

Ramaphosa says, “In recent times, our people have watched as some of those whom they had invested their trust have surrendered to the temptation or power and riches.”

He told the crowd he envisioned a country free from graft and “resources squandered.” He calls for South Africa to end poverty in a generation.

The party of Nelson Mandela remains in power with Ramaphosa’s election, but its grip on power has slipped. For the first time this year, the African National Congress (ANC) won less than 60 per cent of the vote.

Ramaphosa says after the election results were announced the election was “a resounding expression of the will of the people of South Africa.”

Nigeria’s Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo was in Pretoria representing his country at the Presidential Inauguration of Ramaphosa, who praises countries that helped the South African nation in its tough times.

Osinbajo returns to Abuja after representing Nigeria at the inauguration. Speaking in Pretoria after the event, the VP notes: “When we remember that it’s already twenty-five years since Nelson Mandela’s inauguration, it just shows that South Africa has managed to stabilize democracy through peaceful succession for the past twenty-five years.”