Tiv couple/tracknews.ng
A beautiful Tiv couple/tracknews.ng

A leader of thought in Benue state Dr David Wayas has debunked the age-long myth that the Tiv people of Benue use their wives to entertain visitors.

Concise News reports that Wayas, a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) says “a typical Tiv person is not happy when you go near his wife.”

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The don explains to Vanguard: “In the olden days, our people married so many wives to help them in farms. As a result, each of the wives had a hut. The man of the house will normally ask one of the wives to leave her hut for the stranger or visitor and join him in his hut because they didn’t have what we call visitors’ room then.

“There is the possibility that the visitor might develop a relationship with the wife due to their closeness, but the man of the house did not give her willingly to the visitor.”

The Tiv-wife-for-guest fable claims that the tribe regard strangers as gods, and in
some cases, protect their visitors with their lives. The Tivs’ kindness to strangers is legendary, but unfortunately, this kindness was seen as weakness and taken for
granted, according to the narrative.

Tiv (or Tivi) is an ethnolinguistic group or ethnic nation in West Africa. The group constitutes approximately 3.5% of Nigeria’s total population, and number about 6.5 million individuals throughout Nigeria and Cameroon.