Antoine Griezmann transfer news
Antoine Griezmann

After Antoine Griezmann revealed his intention to exit Atletico Madrid this summer, a transfer to Barcelona has been in the news and Blaugrana midfielder Ivan Rakitic is open to having the Frenchman at Camp Nou.

Concise News reports that the Barcelona dressing room seems to be turning in favour of Griezmann’s coming, even after being turned off the idea a year ago for his controversial ‘La Decision’ documentary.

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“I would love to have Griezmann on my team,” Rakitic told Mundo Deportivo.

“Aside from the fact that last year he pushed me away from my dream of winning the World Cup, I really like him.

“He’s a top level player, one of the best in the world. He’s won almost everything and can add to any team.”

The manner in which he rejected Barcelona last summer has left a bad taste in the mouths of many, but the Croatian is not one of them.

“That wasn’t a decision against Barcelona or anyone,” Rakitic explains.

“It was taken in favour of Atletico Madrid. I congratulate him for that and if he comes here I’ll shake his hand and tell him that I respect him for the decision.”

Ernesto Valverde’s future remains unknown, even despite possibly delivering a second double to the Camp Nou. However, Rakitic insists the trainer is the best for Barca.

“Valverde is the perfect coach for us,” Rakitic says. “The work he and his coaching staff do is fantastic.”