Squash Champion Gets Bizarre Prize/BBC
Maribel Toyos of the squash federation of Asturias (l) and competition winner Elisabet Sadó have criticised the prizes at the competition/BBC

A squash championship in Spain has sparked a debate about sexism in sport after female competitors were awarded a vibrator, wax and a kit to remove foot calluses.

Concise News reports that the top women players of the Asturias championship wrote to the local squash federation to complain about the incident.

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It prompted resignations at the club that organised the event.

Contest winner Elisabet Sadó told the BBC that “things have to change”.

Ms Sadó was awarded a trophy and a vibrator for getting the top spot in the competition.

The women in second, third and fourth places won an electronic foot file or hair removal wax.

“We were very surprised, very shocked. We think it’s very sexist,” Ms Sadó says.

“We wanted to explain it to everybody because we think… there’s a lot of discrimination… [against women in sport] and things have to change.”

The women sent the prizes to the local squash federation along with a letter of complaint. The federation has helped them to take action.

Officials at Squash Oviedo, the club that organised the event, have stepped down over the incident, according to the federation.

“I think probably they just wanted to be funny or different,” Ms Sadó says of their choice of prizes.

Ms Sadó says she was pleased that the incident had got people across Spain talking about sexism in sport.

“I think the important thing is that there is a public debate and laws in Spain and more protection so women can practise sport,” she says.

According to the BBC, Squash Oviedo has been contacted for comment.