‘Don’t Be Bothered By Your Husband’s Side Chicks' - Adejumo
Motivational speaker, Funke Adejumo. Source: Instagram.

Controversial marriage counsellor Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo has opined that married women should not be bothered about their cheating spouses.

According to the pastor, married women should ignore their husband’s side chicks as those side chicks are merely eating their remnants.

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“Why must you kill yourself because one useless girl slept with your husband. Don’t ever go and fight with the woman. Just pop up your dressing and make sure you walk in a way that she will see you and know you are not bothered. Ajeku mi lo n je,” Felix-Adejumo said.

Aside from her marriage counselling controversies, the preacher is known to be good at asking for donations from churchgoers.

Recall a certain Mayowa Olaiya filed a petition last year requesting that she should be barred from entering the UK as she is a preacher who swindles people around the world with her preaching.

“Funke Felix Adejumo is one of a group of Nigerian religious Charlatans who regularly visit the UK to defraud the people and the country. They ask people to sow seeds for miracles and breakthrough and flee from the country with the funds without paying tax. They go from Churches to churches; this is a religious cabal network,” Mayowa Olaiya had alleged.