Kano Crisis: Tsav Lambastes Ganduje Over Emir Of Kano
Governor Ganduje (image courtesy Daily Advent)

A former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, has criticized the Governor of Kano, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, for reducing the traditional powers of the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, through the newly introduced Emirates.

Concise News learned that a statement issued by Tsav on Thursday said that the North seems to be waging war with itself and that security agencies seemed to be depowered.

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Tsav reiterated the damage in the North East caused by Boko Haram warfare which has made many women widows and children orphans.

The elder statesman who referenced that Abuja-Kaduna road has been made difficult by kidnappers who are said to be Fulanis who lost their cows to rustlers.

He said: “despite this catalogue of violence in the North, we are trying to open up another chapter of violence in the ancient City of Kano by the hurried fragmentation of the ancient Kano Emirate into four/five for political reasons.

“Tempers are rising while the civilized and law-abiding Kanawas have rushed to Court and obtained a Restraining Order against the State Government.

“We are now virtually sitting on a keg of gun powder waiting for it to explode and consume us and the whole North.

“We are not even bothered about the security implication of our actions and the consequences.”

He further said, “We should not allow Kano to explode because we don’t know if we may also be consumed in the explosion.”

“Let us not make things difficult for the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Let us insulate Traditional Rulers from partisan politics. They are Traditional Fathers and let them remain as such and earn the respect they deserve.”