Toyin Lawani Flaunts Nipples In Cut-Out Lace Lingerine
Toyin Lawani (image credit: Google)

Serial entrepreneur and fashionista Toyin Lawani has created another topic on social media by displaying her nipples on an Instagram post.

The mother took to her Instagram page to share a sultry new photo of herself showing cut-out lingerie and her curves.

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As expected, a few people found the image too revealing but Toyin, who is known to be less concerned about people’s opinion, again reacted to the negative comments.

She wrote, “Do I look like I Give A shit ?

“Your opinions still don’t put food on the table. Go Back to your international celebrities pages and continue your night and day worship there. if my work inspire you let it , if my body and me being comfortable in it don’t please you , you can suck my p***y”

“Bloody hypocrites Half of you Are nasty behind closed doors and you come out to blab shit about my kids , what they see is A Beautiful hardworking woman , your minds Are messed up ,so you don’t see the work ,Half of you can’t even work half as hard as me ,nor control all I control , so go fu*****k yourselves, Do I look like all those celebs you are comparing me with , they can never be me and I can never Be them , I’m Me and I’m happy to being me #kingofallQueen”

See image below: