US Visa and Nigerian passport
US Visa and Nigerian passport

Approximately a year after Concise News gathered that US Embassy in Nigeria was allegedly revoking and canceling valid visas of travelers who obtained their US visas by ‘drop box’, the embassy has finally suspended the option altogether.

A credible source who craved anonymity informed Concise of the latest development today Tuesday. The source lamented how his application for US visa by dropbox which commenced in March was not treated in the usual 45-day period dropbox visa applications take, only for the interview waiver to be suspended without notice.

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You will recall that ‘Drop Box’ aka Interview Waiver Program (IWP) was introduced many years ago in Nigeria to allow certain Nigerian U.S. visa applicants who are applying to renew their visas in the same class of a visa previously issued by a Consulate/Embassy in Lagos or Abuja to be considered for a waiver of the visa interview requirement.

On visiting the U.S. Visa Information Service for Nigeria website, a tersely-worded statement confirmed the development which is to kick off today May 14th.

The statement reads: “The Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Nigeria has suspended the interview waiver “Drop Box” application process effective May 14, 2019.”

It is, however, interesting to know that no explanation was given for the suspension neither was a definite date given for resumption of the interview waiver option for Nigerians.

An attempt to get one from the US embassy in Nigeria has proven abortive as Concise has not been able to reach any embassy official on phone.

Stay tuned for updates….