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One of the Federal Government‘s Social Intervention Programs (SIP), N-Power has undertaken its headcount exercise in some parts of Lagos state, Concise News reports.

Recall this online news medium reported that a circular was sent to some N-Power state Focal Persons to begin headcount exercise for all 2016 volunteers. The objective of this exercise is to ascertain the active volunteers and those that have absconded from their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

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Lagos commenced the exercise on Thursday the 9th of May. Generally, it was a smooth process in almost all the local government areas, Concise News gathers.

Alimosho Local Government volunteers had theirs today (Monday), and it went well. However, at Ikorodu Local Government, the process experienced slight disorderliness from volunteers as many were uncooperative with those in charge, which meant that the exercise was later suspended last week.

The headcount cum reverification for all N-Power pioneer volunteers (N-Teach & N-Health) for Lagos state ends 16th May 2019.

For N-Agro, beneficiaries’ active list has been collated and submitted by the Block Extension Supervisors and Zonal Extension Officers to the office of the Lagos State N-Power Focal person. N-Agro beneficiaries are expected to get in touch with their representative for further information.

The N-Power scheme currently engages no fewer than 500,000 youth graduates deployed throughout the federation to provide public health services in teaching, health, agriculture and tax and monitoring.

It also engages another 200,000 non-graduates in training or on attachment to organisations as interns.

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npower news, npower, npower beneficiaries
N-Power headcount exercise in Lagos state
npower news, npower, npower beneficiaries
N-Power reverification in Lagos
npower, npower, npower beneficiaries
N-Power headcount in Lagos