3G, 4G Subscriptions Reach 63 Million - NCC
The Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta . Twitter

The number of 3G and 4G subscriptions in the country hit 63.1 million in February this year, the latest subscribers report from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has shown.

Also, the report said Nigeria’ broadband penetration had equally increased to 33.08 per cent as of February 2019.

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Broadband penetration is typically measured by the percentage of the total population with access to broadband networks out of each hundred.

According to NCC, the broadband penetration can be calculated by taking the total active broadband subscription figure of 63,136,978 and dividing it by the population figure of 190,886,311 (using the United Nations’ projection as of December 2017).

The country had set a five-year National Broadband Plan, which ran from 2013 to 2018, with the target of a minimum of 30 per cent broadband penetration from the five per cent it had in 2013.

The NCC had said based on the 190 million population of Nigeria and 169 million connected lines, those who had access to broadband at a speed of 1.5 megabytes per second covered over 30 per cent of the population as of December 2018.

In December 2018, NCC data indicated that the country had attained a broadband penetration of 31.48 per cent.

Meanwhile, the commission had set a new target of 70 per cent to be attained in the next five years.