9th National Assembly: Satguru Maharaji Condemns CAN's Demands For ‘Religious Balance’ In Leadership
Sat Guru Maharaji .Source: Guardian

Popular Nigerian cleric Satguru Maharaj Ji has lashed out at the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for demanding a religious balance in choosing the leadership of the 9th National Assembly.

Addressing a news conference at his Iju Ishaga Temple in Lagos, Maharaj Ji disclosed that the Christian body’s demand was shameless.

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Concise News gathered that the ‘Living Perfect Master’, as he is fondly called by his followers, charged the religious leaders to shun sentiment, emphasising that a competent leader was neither a Christian nor a Muslim.

He said: “A competent person is fundamentally a human-being, not a Christian, not a Muslim, not a religious man or woman.”

According to him, in a bid to appoint a competent leader for the 9th National Assembly, the focus should be on “setting standards that give proper access to competent Nigerians to run Nigeria’s government agencies and institutions, irrespective of their religions and ethnic tilting.

“I assert that CAN’s religious allusion to a benighted quota-culture in seeking balance in government appointment is a reflection of its inmate darkness, by which the religion it professes and promotes has a highly notoriously presence by virtually all known voice that has reduced planet earth to a plane of trauma and trepidation. Same guilt hangs from the blood-dripping shoulders of Islam.”

Maharaj Ji called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the political class to turn deaf ear to the demand of CAN and choose the leader of the 9th assembly based on merit.