Muslim Group, MURIC Speaks Regarding UTME 2019/Naijaloaded
MURIC leadman, Professor Ishaq Akintola

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)has urged Nigerian Muslims to use the Ramadan period to pray for the release of the abducted Leah Sharibu and other Chibok girls.

Leah, a Christian, was abducted over a year ago by Boko Haram and has not been released following her refusal to denounce her faith.

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In a statement addressed as the Ramadan, begins this week, MURIC “called on Nigerian Muslims to seize the opportunity of the holy month and the spiritual power which Allah has endowed fasting Muslims to supplicate for the freedom of Christian girls like Leah Sharibu and the Chibok girls who are still in the hands of Bono Haram.”

It noted that“We must admit that the continued stay of Leah Sharibu and the Chibok girls in Boko Haram’s detention camp is a dark spot on Nigeria’s white linen.

“Whereas the Federal Government (FG), the Muslim Ummah and its leadership desire freedom for those innocent girls, the insurgents are keeping them in captivity in order to achieve their diabolical aims, namely, to embarrass federal government, to use them as human shields, to boost their negotiation power and to use them as a tool for setting Nigerian Christians and their Muslim compatriots against each other.

“The overall objective of Boko Haram is to ignite a religious war. That was why they started attacking places of worship.

“It was when that ploy failed that they resorted to abducting Christian girls with the hope of provoking Christiandom. This is why Nigeria’s religious leaders must exercise extra patience.

“They must not play into the hands of the insurgents. They must refrain from emotional outbursts.”

It added that”Instead, they must sink their differences and come together in the name of humanity to fight the evil in their midst. We reiterate that terrorists have no religion.

“This is why Nigerian Muslims must use prayers to defeat the enemy and secure freedom for our daughters. We feel their absence in our midst.

“We feel the pain of their closest relations. Our hearts go out to them whenever they may be.

“Prayer is the sword of the believer and a family that fasts together evolves and retains an unbreakable spiritual bond.

“Nigerian Muslims must invoke the incomparable spiritual might of Ramadan to neutralize the supposedly invincible power of Boko Haram to set Leah Sheribu and the rest of the Chibok girls free.”