Iker Casillas Discharged From Hospital After Suffering Heart Attack

Real Madrid Legend and FC Porto, Iker Casillas has been released from the hospital, five days after suffering a heart attack.

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Concise News reported that legendary Spanish footballer was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery after he suffered heart attack t the Portuguese club’s training ground.

in a statement that he issued, he thanked fans for their support and revealed he is yet to know whether he would be able to return to football.

“A few days ago I went through a difficult situation, something that can happen at any moment of life, but fortunately I’m fine,” Casillas said. “I am grateful and feel that I am very lucky.

“Thank you to all who cared, for I felt very dear and cherished. I can only get out of this situation with a smile. For me, it’s exciting to see so many people here listening to me.

“I thank all those who helped me and who allowed the effect of the infarction not to be so serious because the FC Porto medical team responded immediately. I was treated very well in the hospital too.

“Thank you for the thousands of messages of support and affection I received. I feel much better and now it will be a rest for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, I do not know, but the most important thing is to be here.

“Thank you all. I do not know what the future will be, but the most important thing is to be here, to be able to speak and transmit to everyone as I am and how I feel. Thank you very much and see you soon.”