UCL: Jose Mourinho Makes Liverpool vs Barca's Second Leg Prediction
Jose Mourinho

A former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho has predicted that Barcelona will win the Champions League semi-final return leg tie against Liverpool.

Concise News had earlier reported that Liverpool was beaten 3-0 by Barcelona on Wednesday night, a day after Ajax defeated Tottenham in London.

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According to Manchester Evening News, Mourinho said, “When the result was 2-0, I was still thinking it’s open.”

“When they missed that late chance for the 3-1, I would say open, but 3-0 is 3-0.

“It’s hard to believe and Barcelona have an incredibly negative experience with Roma recently.

“I know that Liverpool at Anfield is really hard, the team is good, but if Barcelona scores one goal, they have to concede five.

“I think it’s too much and I think the team (Barcelona) is with that appetite. I think Messi is dragging everybody with him for that appetite to make it happen. I think Barcelona has it.”

Mourinho, reacting to the other semi-final between Tottenham and Ajax said it is tougher to predict.

He said, “It’s really, really hard [to call].”

Mauricio Pochettino’s side is behind by a single goal, going into next week’s second leg in Amsterdam.

“Looking to the history of the Champions League, Ajax is better away than at home, three victories in England, Spain and Italy, they played against the top countries, even against Benfica, nothing was easy for them and they were magnificent.

“At home, as I was saying, they have their style of play but so do Tottenham and I think Tottenham knows that they also can [progress].

“To play without [Harry] Kane is difficult, to play without Kane and Son [Heung-min] at the same time is even more difficult and next time at least Son is there.

“He is an aggressive player, he’s fast, he has transitioned and he can hurt people so the game is open.”