Tonto Dikeh Speaks On Wanting Her Husband Churchill Back
Tonto Dikeh & ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has said she does not want her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle, back as she might kill him, Concise News reports.

Tonto Dikeh, this news medium had reported, has generated heated debates over her recent outbursts about her broken marriage.

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With many suggesting that the two could reunite in the near future, Tonto Dikeh has, however, ruled that out.

In a recent post on Instagram, the actress warned people not to tell others how to heal from an emotional breakdown.

According to her, she alone was in the marriage and knew how much pains she bored during that period.

This is as she noted that she would continue to talk about her broken marriage until her heart is at rest over the matter.

She also added that she no longer wants child support from Churchill whom she said cannot afford it.

Read her post below:

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You see i think alot of you are missing the point here, NO ONE I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN MAKE ME STOP SPEAKING MY TRUTH!! I already said it i am totally shameless especially when i am fighting for my life!! So you can send in all the comic skits i will help repost!!Make we all laugh together! NoOne married with me,No one was beaten with me,No one enjoyed with me etc SO I MEAN NO ONE WILL EVER DICTATE TO ME HOW TO ACT OUT OR WHAT FORM I CHOOSE VENT MY ANGER!! #Facts is if i hear PIM again from this man on any interview again, I will be up again doing exactly this same thing BUT this time even worse using more documented proofs!! I DONT LOOK FOR TROUBLE BUT I AM THE LAST TO EVER LEAVE IT.. #PSA:- AM I HURT? FUCK YES! (dont use me then come out to the world and lie on me,Use me and keep walking(NEVER PUBLICLY FOUGHT AN EX B4) DO I WANT HIM BACK? 🤣🤣🤣Even him knows the answer, Only maybe to KILL him(which i will never DO cause my baby gonno Holdup on me + Im better than Murder).. DO I WANT CHILD SUPPORT? 😋😋HELL NO, with my son im too selfish!! If He is able to afford child support constantly he will have the right to hold my child as long as he cant afford that(which is the case here) he has no right to come close to my child!! And thats exacyly what i want) SO MY PEOPLE I AINT FINNA STOP UNTIL MY HEART SAYS STOP.. If i love and respect you pls dont call my phone on this subject you will be totally DISRESPECTED! You can how ever call to PRAY!! THANKS AND HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND

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