Squash: Durosinlorun Wins Ex-squash Pro Title Three Times In A Row
Mistura Durosinlorun (right)

11-year-old Mistura Durosinlorun has retained her title as the U-13 Champion of the Ex-squash Pro U-13 and U-16 championships for the third time.

Concise News reports that Durosinlorun won the maiden edition of the tournament in 2017 and subsequently in 2018.

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She had a seemingly easy ride to the final until she confronted eventual first runner up, Delight Allison of Akwa Ibom state in a best of five match.

Durosinlorun says she almost lost hope because she was not sure of how the game would end.

”I wasn’t sure at some point, she had won two rounds and I wasn’t sure, I was tensed and the crowd didn’t make it easy on me, one thing I have learnt is never to play with so much tension.

“It felt like I was playing squash for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the pressure to win. Thank God, I was able to win the last game it could have gone either way.

“She (Delight Allison) is one of the strongest players I have ever played against. I love the challenge, next time I’d train 10 times harder, ” she vows.

NAN reports that Durosinlorun won Allison 3-2 in an enthralling final of the U-13 category for girls.

However, Delight who gave a good account of herself was understandably disappointed and hopes to redeem herself in the next edition of the championships.

“Even though I know I played well enough, I’m still sad that I was unable to win the last round.
“I hope that come 2020 I’d be better prepared. That’s my goal,” she states.

Allison won the first round 11-9, while Durosinlorun took the second set 11-8. Allison had her noses in front and won the third set 10-6. But the pendulum swung in Mistura’s favour as she won the fourth set 11-9 and also claimed the last set 11-10.

In another interesting final of the age-grade tournament, the Nzei brothers from Akwa-Ibom put up a show. Although Daniel could not live up to the expectations, he gave his brother a good run for his money.

Wisdom won 3-2, but Daniel did not make it easy for him as it could have gone either way.

“I’m not sad I lost but I’d have loved to win, I was nervous in the last set, but I’m happy I made it to the final,” Daniel says.

”If I don’t have to play with my brother again I’d be glad, he is tough, he doesn’t give up, he plays like it is his last match.

“I’m glad I won maybe Danny will have to wait for 2020, I won’t be slowing down either, ” Wisdom says.

The young champions smile home with cash prizes and medals given to the best four in all categories.