Olajumoke Reflects Over Her Life
Olajumoke Chris

Model Olajumoke Chris who recently separated from her husband has taken to Twitter to reflect on her “marriage” and relationship crisis.

Following the marital saga, the mother of two children, announced that people should now address her as “Olajumoke Chris,” no longer “Orisaguna.”

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Reflecting on her past, she stated that she wished she knew what she knows now three years ago.

Olajumoke further stated that instead of worrying about public opinion one should worry about reality, sanity and loved ones.

She wrote, “One person doesn’t need to he wrong while the other person is right, both parties could be right…lol”

“We worry so much about public opinion… worry about you and your reality, worry about your sanity and your loved ones.

“I wish I knew what I know now 3year ago”