Samsung Recalling Galaxy Fold After Screen Defect Reports
Galaxy Fold

Samsung has apparently begun a global recall of the Galaxy Fold devices sent out to tech reviewers and members of the press a day after issuing an official statement and delaying the launch of its first foldable phone.

According to Reuters, Samsung is asking testers to return the devices so it can conduct a thorough analysis of the screen issues.

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The whole catastrophe was caused by certain users pealing the protective layer of the display causing the display to malfunction. Others reported screen bulges, rendering half of the display useless. Either way, the device has some durability issues so its best for Samsung to sort it out before it gets in the hands of more consumers.

The company Oon Monday announced that it will temporarily postpone the release date of its new device. This news came just days ahead of the previously scheduled releases of the Fold in China, South Korea, and the US.

Samsung is not canceling the phone so pre-order customers will still be first in line when the device is eventually released and Samsung stated it will update those buyers with specific release information within two weeks.

Samsung stated it’s main focus is improving the device and bringing the best possible consumer experience.