Twitter On Meltdown As Users Slam Obama Over Sri Lanka Bombings Comment
The former US President reacts to recent developments in the White House (photo credit: Getty/AFP)

A former US President Barack Obama is under fire following his comment on the Sri Lanka Easter bombings, Concise News understands.

This news medium had reported that more than 200 persons were brutally murdered in the multiple bombings that hit the Asian nation on Sunday.

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World leaders have been reacting to the incidents in Sri Lanka but Obama was singled out for describing those killed as “Easter worshippers.”

Many users of Twitter have taken to the website to berate him for calling them “Easter worshippers” instead of Christians.

Some of them accused him of being biased and feigning ignorance that those killed in the bombings were Christians.

Concise News captured some of the reactions to Obama’s statement on the Sri Lanka bombings: