Daddy Freeze Battles With Airport Officials
Daddy Freeze. Source: Instagram.

Daddy Freeze, founder of the Free The Sheeples Movement has blasted officials of the airport for making him pull off his shoes.

The controversial on-air-personality took to his Instagram to describe his experience with the officials as “dirty.”

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Expressing his vexation, Freeze had to ask the reason behind the dirtiness as practised by people in the country, stressing that the airport floor was really too unkempt.

He uploaded the image of the act on his page, adding that he had almost refused to take off his shoes, but did it anyway.

He wrote, “Why are we so dirty in this country? I was rudely told to take off my shoes at the airport… When I saw the floor I almost changed my mind and went home.If you want people to take off their shoes can’t someone at least sweep the freaking floor?😡”