CCT Postpones Onnoghen's Judgement Till Noon
CJN Walter Onnoghen

The Code of Conduct Tribunal has shifted its judgment on Justice Walter Onnoghen, who is being tried on charges of assets declaration breaches, from 9am on Thursday (today) to noon.

Concise News reports that Onnoghen had arrived the premises of the tribunal at 8.40am ahead of the judgment.

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The Tribunal officially announced the postponement at 9 am with only two of the suspended CJN’s lawyer and few aides seated in the courtroom

No member of the prosecution team was in court when the postponement was announced

At least none of them arrived as at 9.11am.

Onnoghen had yet to step out ‎of his vehicle as of the time the postponement was announced, with his convoy leaving the premises as soon as the information about the new development reached him.

The Chairman of the CCT, Danladi Umar, after the prosecution and the defence, made closing arguments on Monday, specifically fixed judgment for 9 am on Thursday‎, a departure from the usual 10 am sitting time of the tribunal.

Onnoghen, who was charged with alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for Public Officers before the CCT on January 11, 2019, as a sitting CJN reportedly resigned on April 4.