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N-Power beneficiaries. Image:

Once your name is among the list of successful applicants and you have gone through the physical verification, you will see ‘Onboarded’ on your N-Power dashboard. This means that N-Power is currently validating your details.

Concise News reports that thereafter when you notice your dashboard displaying ‘Enrolled’, it means you have scaled validation and have been processed to be on the payroll.

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N-Power officials go on routine inspection to beneficiaries’ Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). Those found wanting are noted and necessary actions taken on them.

This online news medium discovered that, recently, some beneficiaries complained about their dashboard showing that they have absconded; some on hold. So, how do you fix these problems?

All you need do is meet with the focal person on the issue who will revert to the N-Power team. Then, they will carry on from there.

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