Seyin Edun Tracks Down Lady Who Bullied Her On Social Media
Seyi Edun

Nollywood actress, Seyi Edun, has taken to her Instagram to share a video of an upcoming actress, Adewale Kofoworola kneeling down to apologize.

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Concise News understands that Kofoworola had through social media bullied the Nollywood star.

However, being at a movie location, Edun spotted the online bully and she was supported by her colleagues to mete out the punishment to the young actress.

The online bully was reported to have written a comment where she stated that Seyi Edun could never get pregnant.

She wrote, “where Seyi Edun won see Belle una Don forget say she be Lord of the ring.”

Acknowledging to the apologies of the lady in her post on Instagram, she created awareness for everyone insulting a celebrity to be inheriting a curse.

She wrote, “To every bully who hide under the internet to say all sorts of things to celebrities/public figure, I hope you know you are inheriting curses and also your offence is punishable under the law, desist from such acts before you meet your Waterloo.”

The video which was uploaded showing how the actress punished the upcoming actress was later brought down on her page.

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